Monday, December 31, 2012

A Busy Mom's New Year's Resolutions

1. I resolve to focus on the Mass, and not on the "perfect mom" sitting in front of me.  I promise not to be envious, because she looks like a model from behind, after giving birth to as many children as me; or because she whispers to her perfectly dressed children, rather than scolding them loudly, as I do. I will not be jealous that she doesn't have to bring her youngest into the crying room, because her four year old does not wear loud, pink cowboy boots, on the wrong feet, to church.

2. I resolve to arrive at Mass before Father proceeds to the altar; and to be early the Sunday morning he mentions late parishioners in his homily.

3.  I resolve to honor my parents and in-laws.  I will appreciate their help and unconditional love.  I will not roll my eyes when my mother-in-law tells my children, "It's all right. Grandma still loves you," when they are using the living room couches as pummel horses.  I will graciously thank Grandpa for the wooden swords he has made his grandsons; and allow them to play with them, even when he's not watching.  This year, I will continue to thank the grandmas for being our Prayer Warriors.  

4.  I resolve to respect my children:  I promise to use gentle, quiet words and discipline with love.  I will say, "Please help me clean the kitchen, children."  Rather than, "Get off your lazy bums and start clearing the table!"  I will resist temptations to throw the soccer ball back at my eight year old's head after he has beaned me twice in an afternoon.  I will not ask my eldest son to forget the twins in their hiding place, for five more minutes, during Hide and Seek.  This year, I will NOT ask my sister-in-law if she wants to adopt my adolescent daughter until she goes to college. 

5.  I resolve to honor my husband.  No more sticking my tongue out at him, when he advises me on ways to be more "proficient" in homemaking.  No stamping my feet and whispering a few choice words, behind closed doors, when he's crabby after a long day's work.  I won't say, "Get with the program!" when he asks me what time he has to pick Emily up from her eleventh week of ballet practice.  I promise to remember, I am far from perfect, and he has resisted medicating me on really bad days.  I promise to see Christ in his eyes.

Image from Kelly's Kindergarten Calendar Materials
6.  I resolve to not worship false idols, like Diet Coke, Cinnamon Hot Tamales, the Calvin Klein winter boots that finally went on sale at Herbergers, and the too skinny jeans that would look, oh so perfect, with the boots, but would not make it past my hips.

7.  I resolve to attend confession often.  With my temperament, I may have to pitch a tent in the Church parking lot, so that I participate in this sacrament when necessary, but I will be honest about my sins . . . all year . . . in the confessional . . . not here.

8.  Finally, I resolve to share the joys of parenting and teaching with readers like you.  I pray that you and yours will be blessed in this new year; and that you will share your joys, gifts and resolutions, on Catholic Teacher Daydreams, through the year!


  1. My resolution is to be more like Mary. While that is a VERY tall order,it really just means that when I'm being impatient with my husband I remember how calm and appreciative Mary always was with Joseph. When the girls act up, I remember how Mary felt so blessed to have Jesus while using loving discipline (not that Jesus ever needed discipline!) Really it's all about perspective and how Mary viewed her life to help me put my "small" issues into perspective.

  2. My resolution is to calm down and realize that everything really is not that urgent.

  3. It's sweet to hear from your heart, Julie. I'll be grateful for the wooden swords, too;) Many blessings to you all in 2013!

  4. Julie - beautiful writings and they are so heartfelt. You embrace your busy life with so much grace and compassion. Your children are so fortunate to have such a committed mother in a world where so many take the easy way out. Your conviction is so strong and that is so admirable. Keep writing - I need reminders of those busy days and how much I miss them at times. Mary Z

  5. I sometimes take the easy way out! Believe me. Do you have a tip or resolution for moms who are raising teenagers? How do you do it without wanting to take the quickest way out?


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