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Pentecost Lesson
MLB Geography Lesson
 Lilly Literature Unit with Kevin Henkes's books
 Social Studies Lessons
 SQUILT from Homegrown Learners  
Easter Lesson

Pentecost Lesson
Pentecost Sunday is a must to be celebrated in Sunday School classrooms, faith formation classes or in home schools.  This is a fun lesson that includes a Bible reading, discussion and art.  Finish the lesson off with a yummy red treat and your class will be singing Pentecost's praises and Happy Birthday to the Church.

Major League Baseball Geography Lesson

Do you have a baseball fan in your home school or classroom?  Here is a United States of America Geography Game that's sure to be a World Series Winner.  Head over to Scribd, to print this fun activity~ to find out more about this fun lesson.

Lilly Literature Unit
Grades  K -3

Lilly's exuberance touches every child's heart, because Lilly loves life and everyone she meets.  Spend around forty-five minutes a day, for one school week, doing some or all of the activities in this special unit devoted to Lilly, and author, Kevin Henkes.  To read the entire unit and for quality printing go to ~

New York Times Writing Lesson
Courtesy of Stephanie Sands

My husband discovered excellent writing examples, that will be certain to interest elementary and middle school students.  Their topic is about an amazing photo that appears to highlight several manhole covers flying off an Omaha street in a firey blaze. Was the photo real or fake?  The possibilities for learning outcomes are limitless - journalism ethics, sound reporting, the interview process, writing examples, news wriitng process.  Read further to explore the objectives this teacher chose for  Getting the News Scoop:

Catholic Heritage Curricula Italy Unit     
Catholic Heritage Curricula provides an elementary school level Social Studies unit that explores nine countries including Italy.  A four week plan allows for two days of studying Italy each week.  See Tour a Country lesson plans at Catholic Heritage Curricula Learning about Other Lands.  I recommend purchasing these plans to participate in the studies of the other countries.  Rather than completing the CHC brochure, Ryan and I made a Keynote presentation on our Apple computer.  We used part of CHC’s schedule, resources, and enrichment activities, as our guide. 

catholic heritage curricula and catholic teacher daydreams, copyright 2013

SQUILT (Super Quiet Uninterrupted Listenting Time:):"Homegrown Learners" is a creative home school site that provides, among many creative lessons, music education.  I am not gifted in teaching Music. will be a welcome addition to your lesson library.  Mary, creator of Homegrown Learners, provides SQUILT, which will help your students appreciate music and listen for varying musical elements.  ENJOY!

Easter Season Art Project

The Easter Season lasts much longer than the Sunday of Jesus' resurrection.  Here is one example of how children, grades K-8, in home schools or Catholic classrooms, can celebrate the Easter Season.

To download and print in pdf quality go to Scribd ~

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