Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hide, but don't Find the Skylanders

Dear Activision,

Although my four boys cannot get enough of Skylanders: your electronic figures that are sweeping the nation, if I hear another Skylander slinging fire arrows, shooting beams or digging into the ground, in this lifetime, it will be too soon. 

Today offered me a ray of hope.  My "Portal Masters"(goodness, that sounds geeky)and their cousin decided to play Skylanders, except this time it was their made up game called "Hide the Skylanders."  The boys hid Cruncher, Sunburn, Flame-Slinger, Lightening Rod, and a plethora of other Skylanders, throughout the house (microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, closet and so on). Then, they searched for their prized possessions as the hider sprinkled hints along the way.  What a peaceful old-fashioned game it was, and they played it all afternoon.  I recommend it to all of your consumers.  

After my joyful revelation that the boys were tired of being plugged into video games, two thoughts came to mind.  First, my children's grandparents depended upon simple games like Hide and Find, Hide and Seek, Kick the Can and Tag for hours of entertainment and somehow they survived.  Secondly, there is a God and I must thank Him. 


Portal Master Mom 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My favorite Minnesota Twins celebrate Summer

Now that the school year has ended, I am grateful to be focusing on parenting without teaching for awhile.  The following video is an example of why having children in our lives is an absolute gift from above.  Be sure to watch this today, as my boys have reached their peak in the music industry and they will not be making regular appearances here or on YouTube after their one minute of fame.